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A trusted and approved partner in family and institutional finance.

Private CFO is a provider of guidance, advice and monitoring services to wealthy individuals and families, non-profit organisations, corporates and pension funds.

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About us

In the ever changing world that we are experiencing these days, managing and safeguarding wealth is an increasingly complex matter. The sheer variety of investments on offer makes it hard to see the forest for the trees. At Private CFO, we provide the bespoke services that you may require.

With over 50 years of combined financial expertise and respected engagement with families and corporate assets, Private CFO stands unquestioned as an approved partner, be it for individuals & families, non-profit organisations, corporates & pension funds.

Private CFO meets the highest standards of transparency and consistency. Alongside all liquid asset classes, our office also manages illiquid assets such as real estate, alternative investments and private equity.

Private CFO consolidates a myriad of data into information that makes sense. Our clients benefit from efficient monitoring, reporting and decision making tools, keeping even the most complex of legal entity structures and portfolios fully under control.

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Portrait of Philippe Cuelenaere.

“We are committed to protecting what matters most.”

Commitment to our clients is our priority in order to build a relationship of trust. I feel that we must play a key role in protecting and guiding our clients in their contacts with the outside world, so that their cohesion is maintained over the long term.

Philippe Cuelenaere, Co‑founder


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We assist.

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We advise.

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We monitor.

Secure your future.

Unlock your full potential by enjoying first-hand access to our expertise, insights and extended resource network.

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We provide digital analysing power.

Private CFO offers digital solutions for uniform and in-depth risk and performance measurement.

Thanks to years of experience in asset management, real estate and private equity, our office manages to supply a fine and balanced analysis.


We offer relevant in-house experience.

Private CFO is obliged to maintain a permanent focus on the highest technical level so as to be able to mobilise at any time a network of experts that can creatively deal with the most complex, diverse and ever-evolving issues presented by our clients.


We firmly believe in discretion at all times.

Private CFO is firmly convinced that it can best fulfil its role in complete discretion.

Likewise, a relationship of trust is established once clients know that we remain discreet, that we consider matters before giving advice, and adopt a reticent attitude.


We do away with all conflicts of interest.

Independence from all service providers is key.

We work in an up-stream manner from all service providers to assist our clients. This stand-alone position vis-à-vis our service providers enables us to optimise the terms and conditions of our clients’ business.

“Since I embarked with Private CFO, I have noticed a significant difference in the way banks relate to me. They handle my data more accurately, and their performance has taken a leap forward.

All in all, I can conclude that they pay much more attention and care to the relationship with me as their client.”

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Contact us

Feel free to contact our office with any specific questions.

We appreciate that discretion is important to you. We therefore do all in our power to protect your data and any details you submit in your message.

More information on how we protect your data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

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